PASADENA Apartments Hamilton ON 

A restored turn-of-the-century 32 suite condominium project by Valour Group in the heart of downtown Hamilton.  The 2018 renovation project features Vertical Stacked BULLDOG Heat-Pump units that provide year-round simultaneous heating & cooling to the occupants with a high-efficient 2 pipe distribution system. The loop is controlled by a project-specific BULLDOG Control system that optimizes loop temperatures to facilitate heating or cooling throughout the building at any time of the year, while minimizing wasteful heat-rejection or additional heat injection.


CANREIT Apartment Building - Toronto ON

An existing 80 Ton single condenser reciprocating chiller was replaced in 2017 with a dual module heat-recovery chiller manufactured by Advance Industrial Refrigeration matching original installed capacity. A secondary condenser sized specifically to match the domestic water loads was provided as part of the new machine following an energy-monitoring study period of the existing domestic water system. The retrofit was partly funded by both Toronto Hydro and Enbridge, as a result of the unique energy savings derived from the chiller replacement. Full Case Study here;